How To Customise Your Kitchen

Posted on: 24 March 2022

Customising your kitchen space is probably the easiest way to increase its functionality and make your interior appealing to family members and prospective buyers. However, many considerations and precautions must be made when customising the kitchen. Below are some valuable insights. 

Declutter To Create Space

Your kitchen could contain a lot of appliances and furniture that you no longer need. Get rid of these items to make your kitchen spacious. Decluttering makes it easy for you to plan the renovation works. For instance, you will know what can or cannot fit in your kitchen space. If your kitchen is too small, you could pull down some walls to make the area more spacious. An open floor plan allows you to utilise some of the space in your living room. 

Prioritise On Kitchen Storage

Ample storage space will keep your kitchen neat since you do not have to place utensils, cutlery and small appliances on the working surfaces. As a principle, you should combine different types of storage. For instance, you could install cabinets on the walls and drawers below the working surfaces. Open shelving will keep your items on display. It is a sure way to keep the kitchen appealing. Do not shy off from experimenting with creative storage ideas such as corner drawers, deep cabinet organisers, rolling cabinets and spice storage.

Be Cautious With Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen is a heavy traffic and wet area. Therefore, your preferred flooring should withstand these conditions. For instance, if you opt for wooden flooring, you should consider engineered floors since they are more stable compared to solid wooden floors. Natural stone, ceramic, vinyl and concrete floors will also withstand the kitchen conditions. If kids or seniors access the kitchen, consider floors with a rough surface to prevent slips. Finally, ensure that the floor design complements other kitchen installations or appliances. 

Consider Recreational Areas

The kitchen is a social area. As you renovate your kitchen, think about how you can make it a recreational area for your family. Kitchen islands are an instant solution for most people. They enable the whole family to gather in the kitchen and help out with cooking or cleaning dishes. Besides, the island also increases the working surfaces of your kitchen. Therefore, you do not have to worry about preparing large meals. You could also build a deck adjacent to the kitchen. It is the perfect place to hold parties, romantic dinners with your spouse or family meetings. The deck ensures you have an easy time preparing and serving meals. Besides, your guests will feel comfortable helping out in the kitchen since they do not feel as if they are intruding on your privacy.

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