• Tips When Renovating Your Bathroom

    Renovating a bathroom can be tricky, as it compels you to make so many decisions regarding the various components. To help you arrive at the best options and to inspire some ideas, consider the following tips. Lighting When installing the lighting, set the globes in diverse places so that you can adjust the atmosphere for varied situations. Add multiple recessed lights across the ceiling for general ambient lighting. To provide a clear reflection in the mirror, fit sconces on either side. [Read More]

  • Benefits of Faux-timber Vinyl Cladding for a Home

    When looking for external wall cladding for a home, you'll notice various options. One possibility is faux-wood vinyl cladding, the benefits of which follow. Can Mimic Timber Weatherboards Vinyl cladding is available in different profiles, including plank shapes that replicate the look of timber weatherboards. The faux-wood vinyl pieces are covered in indentations and grooves that realistically mimic grainy wood. Additionally, you'll have a range of hues to pick from such as green, white, beige, and yellow that emulate the look of painted weatherboards. [Read More]