Benefits of Faux-timber Vinyl Cladding for a Home

Posted on: 22 January 2021

When looking for external wall cladding for a home, you'll notice various options. One possibility is faux-wood vinyl cladding, the benefits of which follow.

Can Mimic Timber Weatherboards

Vinyl cladding is available in different profiles, including plank shapes that replicate the look of timber weatherboards. The faux-wood vinyl pieces are covered in indentations and grooves that realistically mimic grainy wood. Additionally, you'll have a range of hues to pick from such as green, white, beige, and yellow that emulate the look of painted weatherboards. If you install thicker cladding planks that overlay the ones below, the wall will display shadows, evoking a natural and organic feel of dimension and texture.

Durable and Low Maintenance

Another benefit of vinyl cladding is its durable nature that doesn't demand much upkeep. Even though you'll enjoy the look of faux weatherboards, giving your home a natural feel, you won't have to worry about the problems and upkeep associated with real timber. Vinyl cladding won't rot or warp. Because the colour is cast throughout the vinyl, it won't flake off as paint flakes off timber planks. Thus, with vinyl, you won't have to repaint your home every few years or so to keep it looking fresh. Nor will you have to fork out money for paint products and labour costs. To maintain vinyl cladding, you'll simply require a garden hose and possibly some soap. 

Energy-efficient Options

Some vinyl cladding panels are filled with insulating materials that help to block summer heat and retain winter warmth. As a result, you'll consume less electricity when running your air conditioning and heating. These ongoing energy savings will offset the cost of the initial installation of the vinyl cladding. Additionally, insulation will help to soundproof your home and create a more peaceful environment.

Easy Installation 

Vinyl cladding is easy to install, helping you to restrain construction costs. It's lightweight and simpler to transport than heavy timber planks. Plus, lighter cladding is easier to attach to a home's walls.

Thus, faux-timber vinyl planks offer many worthwhile benefits. With realistic grain textures, they give your home the natural feeling of real weatherboards, but you won't be burdened with much upkeep. Unlike timber, vinyl won't rot, warp, or flake, so you won't have to repaint every few years. Plus, some vinyl cladding options are insulated, helping to make your home more energy-efficient. Finally, lightweight vinyl will help to keep installation costs to a minimum.