3 Questions To Ask Your Farmstay Builder

Posted on: 16 March 2023

Farmstays are a sure way to raise additional cash from your farm. A farmstay builder is an essential element to realising your farmstay ownership dream. However, how do you choose a farmstay builder? Below are questions to help you vet the various builders. 

1. Are You A Skilled Designer? 

Your preferred builder must be a skilled designer. However, how can you tell this? Ask the professional to send you a portfolio of their previous work. The general principle is considering professionals who integrate different architectural styles and designs. This way, you are confident that your farmstay looks unique to your prospective clients. You could also interview the builder to establish the following; 

What designs suit the landscape at your farm? The designer should incorporate designs that complement other buildings at the site and blend into the natural landscape. What is the best place to build the facility? An ideal location should guarantee access and privacy. Moreover, your guests must feel secure at the farmstay. What amenities does the farmstay need? The builder should incorporate modern amenities to ensure the comfort of your guests. Besides, it should be spacious. 

2. What Are Your Construction Practices? 

Evaluate the builder's construction practices. For instance, they should conduct pre-construction inspections to assess any risks that could complicate the build or affect the building's structural integrity. For example, poor drainage systems could weaken the foundation. The builder could also need to disconnect underground utility lines. The builder must also take all measures to ensure the farmstay complies with local construction regulations. For instance, they could seek construction permits from the local council. Moreover, they should hire certifiers to sanction the construction works. 

What materials does the builder use? Most farms have used materials that could be reused during construction. Therefore, the builder should inspect your farm and reuse as many materials as they can. The professional should also help you evaluate your alternatives when choosing building materials. For instance, they could introduce you to sustainable and affordable materials during construction. You could use this as a unique selling point when marketing the farmstay. 

3. How Long Will The Project Take? 

The builder should draw a construction plan detailing the various building milestones. The plan helps you determine the timelines for the different construction work. It gives you a clear picture of when to open the establishment. Experienced builders will inform you about your obligations. For example, they could ask you to clear neighbouring buildings that could be affected by the construction work. Such instructions help prevent delays caused by miscommunication. 

For more information, contact a farmstay builder near you.