Ideas for Renovating a Country Kitchen

Posted on: 6 July 2023

When you renovate your kitchen, you need to be clear on its style so you can create a coherent look that harmonises with the rest of your home. If you're after a traditional country kitchen aesthetic, here are some ideas to help.

Timber and Stone

To give the kitchen a country feel, consider including hardwood floors and stone countertops. On the floor, you could lay planks made of jarrah, blackbutt or spotted gum. Jarrah has reddish tones, and it's known for its durability. The honey tinges of blackbutt timber also suit traditional colour palettes. Spotted gum shows intriguing wavy grain patterns to add visual interest.

As far as countertops go, granite is tough and durable. It doesn't easily scratch and is very dense. Another option is soapstone, which has a dark matte finish that is perfect for a country ambience.

Farmhouse Sink

A classic element of this aesthetic is a farmhouse sink, which has a panel that aligns with the cabinetry. These sinks are made from materials such as porcelain, fireclay, concrete or cast iron. Being large, they allow for easy washing of pots and pans, so they're great if you enjoy cooking feasts.

The cabinetry and the benchtop will have to be constructed around a farmhouse sink, which differs from standard sizes. Plus, these sinks can be heavy, so they need sturdy supports. Some models come with drain boards over a second sink.

Open Shelves

You can channel this traditional aesthetic by installing open shelves in the kitchen. For extra rustic charm, use reclaimed wood and wrought iron brackets. The types of timber you can use include oak or teak, both of which can handle the changes in humidity that are standard in kitchens. Make sure you seal or finish the timber so it doesn't warp. Additionally, the shelves need to be thick and supported well enough so that they can hold any items you store on them.

You can place different kinds of things on open shelving, such as colourful crockery, bowls and mugs. Alternatively, you can decorate the shelves with cookbooks, recipe cards, plants or herbs. If you have vintage scales or a clock, open shelving showcases them perfectly.

Warm Colours

Colours are a critical element in custom kitchens, which characteristically feature warm and earthy colours such as beige, cream, red, yellow and blue. White is another tone that you could use for the walls and cabinetry. It adds a crisp note that freshens the other colours.

For more information on custom kitchens, contact a professional near you.