Are You a Candidate for House Underpinning Services?

Posted on: 24 August 2022

Does your house require underpinning? House underpinning is required when the foundation of an existing house becomes weak and can no longer support the rest of the building. This may happen due to subsidence or other structural issues.

Underpinning aims to transfer the structure's load to strong soil that can support it. Knowing when to have your residential building underpinned is essential for ensuring the safety of all building occupants.

Read along to know the signs your home might need underpinning.

You have uneven floors

If you feel like you are moving downhill when walking inside your house, it is most likely that your floors are uneven.

Several factors can cause your residential floors to become uneven, but foundation settlement is the most common cause of the problem. When the soil underneath your house shifts, the foundation of the building will shift too, resulting in sloping or unlevelled floors.

There are cracks in your walls

Natural settling of the soil will often cause cracks to appear in the walls of a house. If you spot any cracks in your interior walls, exterior walls or foundation walls, you should have them checked to ascertain the cause of the problem.

While some cracks are purely cosmetic, others may point to serious problems with the foundation of your dwelling. Letting a competent and qualified person assess the problem will help you determine if you need a residential underpinning service.

You have stuck windows and doors

If you are having problems opening and shutting your residential windows and doors, it is likely that you have a subsiding, settling or damaged foundation. 

As the soil around your house expands and shrinks with changing weather, it can cause your foundation to shift. The resultant strain on the wood framing supported above can lead to bending of the frames, preventing your windows and doors from operating smoothly.  

There are cracks and gaps around window and door frames

Gaping cracks and holes around your window and door frames are other indications that your house might require underpinning. These openings indicate structural integrity issues with the foundation of your house and also contribute to significant heat gains and losses.

If you have seen or suspect the signs that your house requires underpinning services, you should take corrective action right away, before anything gets worse.

Contact an underpinning contractor near you to learn about the various underpinning solutions that are available to you.