Tips When Renovating Your Bathroom

Posted on: 23 April 2021

Renovating a bathroom can be tricky, as it compels you to make so many decisions regarding the various components. To help you arrive at the best options and to inspire some ideas, consider the following tips.


When installing the lighting, set the globes in diverse places so that you can adjust the atmosphere for varied situations. Add multiple recessed lights across the ceiling for general ambient lighting. To provide a clear reflection in the mirror, fit sconces on either side. Remember not to illuminate a mirror only from above, as this can create dark ageing shadows on a face.

Also, consider other spots you may need task lighting. For example, if you enjoy reading in the bath, make sure that the lighting is adequate so you can relax and not strain. If you separate the lights onto different switches or circuits, you can alter the mood. For example, you could leave on wall sconces only to create a meditative atmosphere. Dimmers will provide even more control.


Don't skimp on storage when designing the bathroom. Ample space to hold everything will help the room remain orderly and calm rather than chaotic and overflowing. Instead of a pedestal basin, you could install a vanity for extra storage. In the shower and bath, niches will also provide handy spots for shampoo, conditioner and body wash. A wall-recessed medicine cabinet offers storage and a mirror while not protruding into the room. You could also place a shelf-ladder for towels and other large items.

Glass Shower

Installing a glass shower will open up the bathroom and give it a luxurious feel. Frameless designs only feature discreet hinges to support the glass panels, so they look ultra svelte. Other models feature more framing. A fully framed shower has metal borders around the screens, creating a heavier and more defined enclosure. A semi-framed model has framing along the top, bottom and wall edges.

Regardless of the framing, glass panels will bounce light around the bathroom and evoke an airy feel. Plus, transparent screens won't block the view of beautiful ceramic or natural stone tiles within the shower.

Energy Use

You may want to install efficient showerheads, taps and toilets that conserve water during bathroom renovations. You'll enjoy lower water bills and save scarce resources, which is especially crucial in drought areas. Another way to trim energy expenses is to install a skylight that casts light into the room and helps you to rely less on artificial globes.

For more information, contact a bathroom renovations service in your area.