6 Tips for Improving Inventory Displays With a Commercial Renovation

Posted on: 24 August 2017

If you own a shop, a boutique or any business that relies on selling inventory, you may want to have as much inventory on display as possible. A commercial renovation can help. If you want to showcase more products, here are x ideas that you may want to integrate into your renovation.

1. Add More Built-ins

Some of the best inventory displays are built-in displays. You can work with a company that sells displays for stores, or you can have your renovator custom build you some displays. Depending on what type of inventory you sell, that may include shelves, racks, and a cash wrap with more space to display inventory.

2. Go Floor to Ceiling

If you're limited on floor space, you need renovations that can help you make the most of your available space. To that end, make sure that you utilise a floor-to-ceiling approach to displays. Your renovator can help you decide which options work the best for your space.

For example, you could add displays that hang from the ceiling, or you could store extra inventory on shelves that run along the ceiling or even add storage above a drop ceiling. Alternatively, you could put in tall shelves with ladders attached to them, reminiscent of a library.

3. Focus on Flow

In addition to adding more spots to display inventory, you want to ensure that you are showcasing your inventory in the a way that helps to induce more sales. To that end, you may want to work with a commercial renovator who has quality ideas about flow.

In most cases, stores have one of three types of flow: guided flow, grid flow and free flow. The classic example of guided flow is an Ikea store. You enter through one door and leave through another, and in between those stops, the store basically shows you everything that you want to see.

Grid flow looks like a grocery store—the aisles are oriented like a grid and designed to hold as much as possible. To conceptualise free flow, imagine a traditional antique or curiosity shop where the shelves are arranged in a haphazard pattern and heaped high with all kinds of items.

4. Create Deeper Windows

You can't underestimate the power of window displays. They give you extra space to show off inventory, and they also help to pull in people off the street. Talk with your renovator about making your windows bigger, adding depth to your frames or making other changes to make it easier to create window displays.

5. Add an Office

If your goal is to showcase more inventory, you may want to turn some of your existing floor space into an office. This may sound counterintuitive, but an extra office may be just what you need to launch an ecommerce site.

That virtual extension of your shop lets you showcase an unlimited amount of inventory, and it makes it easier to pull in more clients from around the world.

6. Take a Less Is More Approach

In other cases, you may just want to skip all of the above ideas. Instead, you may want to embrace the idea of "less is more". In this case, you only want to display a few items, and you want to leave everything else in a store room.

Then, you can bring out items as requested by shoppers, or your staff can recommend products to shoppers. Your commercial renovation specialist can help you come up with a design that is sleek and appealing.

To get more ideas on commercial renovations for a shop or any other type of business, contact a renovation expert, like one from Randstar Building Services, today.