3 Signs You'll Love Having a One-Wall Kitchen

Posted on: 28 August 2017

If you're renovating your kitchen, the most crucial decision you must make is what sort of layout to adopt. Some go for L-shaped kitchens, while others opt to have a kitchen island placed in the centre of the room. Both are good options, but have you taken the time to consider a one-wall kitchen instead?

As you might have guessed, a one-wall kitchen — sometimes referred to as a single-wall kitchen — incorporates all the appliances and worktops along one wall. They aren't for everybody, but they can suit some households.

Here are just three signs you'll love a one-wall kitchen.

1. Your Kitchen Isn't Just for Cooking

Probably the most commonly cited reason for adopting a one-wall kitchen is that they save a lot of space. Homes have tended to become smaller in size, and the kitchen often feels smaller than you'd like it to. Having the sink, fridge, dishwasher, working surfaces and so on along just one wall is going to save space, providing a wide and open area in the remainder of the room.

If you only use your kitchen for cooking, that's no so important. However, those properties that have their dining area or even the main living area sharing the same space will benefit hugely from a one-wall kitchen. When you aren't using the room to cook, you won't feel like everything is in the way.

2. You're on a Tight Budget

One-wall kitchens don't just help you save on space — they also help you save your pennies. Kitchen renovation costs can obviously run quite high, so it always makes sense to look for areas where you can cut back if you're on quite a strict budget.

With only one bank of cabinets, a one-wall kitchen is very cost-effective. Fewer raw materials are needed, work doesn't take as long, and your wiring and plumbing won't need to be changed much.

3. You Have Lots of People Cooking at Once

In plenty of kitchens, there's only one person who cooks at once. You might have a large family, for example, but only mum or dad will be in the kitchen cooking a single large meal for everyone to enjoy. However, other kitchens, particularly those shared by a couple of adults, are going to see lots of people cooking separate meals at once. That can be quite a bother in most kitchens, since you'll keep bumping into each other as you move around. A one-wall kitchen makes more sense because the working areas are spread out. You'll all be able to work at once without getting in each other's way.