4 Benefits of Polished Plaster Kitchen Splashbacks

Posted on: 28 August 2017

More and more people are installing kitchen backsplashes as part of their kitchen renovations, and it isn't hard to see why. Of course, the decision to get a backsplash is often a lot easier to make than deciding what material you want to use. Most people stick with tile, glass, or engineered stone, but there's actually another contender on the market that you might not have heard about: polished plaster.

Polished plaster probably isn't the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about installing a backsplash, but that's almost certainly because you've never heard of the benefits. Here are just four to start you off.

1. Minimal Upkeep

Kitchen splashbacks are meant to protect your walls, so you want them to be easy to clean and maintain. Unfortunately, many tiles and stones are porous, and they have long grout lines that can get dirty in a real hurry. Polished plaster splashbacks are entirely seamless and completely waterproof. They resist bacteria, and all you need to do to clean them is quickly wipe them down with a wet cloth.

2. Style Versatility

Even people familiar with polished plaster often dislike the idea of having it used for their kitchen splashbacks, but that's simply because most people are only familiar with one colour; many polished plaster applications are finished in a grey or black to suit a modern theme. However, you can choose from basically any colour you want since the material is so versatile. As such, you'll be able to perfectly match your splashback with the rest of your kitchen.

3. Design Versatility

As well as being versatile in terms of styling, polished plaster is exceptionally versatile in terms of design. After all, it is applied by hand and then left to harden, so it can fit around any kind of dimensions. Whether you have an oddly shaped kitchen or plenty of power outlets along the walls, polished plaster can be applied to look totally natural. That's usually hard to achieve with tiles, which will need to be cut clumsily in half to be set around tricky areas.

4. Exceptional Longevity

When polished plaster dries, it becomes incredible hard and durable, though it actually has some flex to it, so pots and pans are very unlikely to cause any damage if they are accidently bumped up against it. In the unlikely event that a scratch, chip, or crack should develop, repairs will be easy since the imperfection can simply be patched over.