Rescuing the Urban Renter: How to Make the Most of a Vintage Bathroom

Posted on: 28 August 2017

As an urban renter, you've probably seen them all. Those notoriously small rooms plagued by plain dated designs, the 1970's red tiles, and the mini bathroom sinks. They call them the bathroom! Everything comes fixed, and if the apartment is just what you're looking for, then you're stuck with it. There is a little of good news coming your way. You can make this space feel more like a contemporary using a few bathroom products. Here's how:

Rug the red tiles

Wish you had a gorgeous black and white cement tiles? Cover those unattractive floor tiles with a rug similar to the pattern of tiles you've been dreaming of. Alternatively, speak to your landlord about adding a peel-and-stick flooring. With this simple upgrade, your bathroom will never feel 'old' again!

Switch out the shower curtain

You've probably not heard that rental apartments 'from the past' use curtain showers!  However, you can get the most bang for your buck by clipping a pretty shower curtain. Try a patterned or a brightly coloured curtain to distract you from the un-fixable dingy tile on the bathroom wall.

Accessorise with wall decals  

A vintage bathroom hold's itself beautifully to artful clutter so go nuts with accessories. Add removable wall stickers that reflect your style and personality. There is no reason why your cotton wool balls can't live in a gorgeous jar, or your soap can't lie in a beautiful soap dish! Add anything that improves the aesthetic of your space. Remember in this case more is more!

Add extra storage

Even a small vintage bathroom has a ledge for small additional yet stylish storage. Add small colourful baskets or containers to hold your toiletries and other products. If your bathroom has more space, consider adding big woven baskets to hide dirty laundry and to stash larger bathroom products such as rolls of toilet paper.

Use colourful towels

Colourful towels give your bathroom a hint of colour without having to paint or putting holes on the wall. Colourful hand towels will introduce colour in non-permanent places, and you can easily change them out whenever you want a change of palette. Nice colourful towels will make you forget about all the ways you'd change your bathroom, so spoil yourself to a few nice ones!

Rock your vintage tiles

Old is gold! Instead of fighting the colourful tiles from way back in the day, have fun by playing the retro style or add a few modern touches that don't overrun those colourful ceramics behind the curtain shower or on your bathroom floor.