The Precious Possessions of the Vintage Lover: How to Organise Your Vintage Kitchen Finds

Posted on: 28 August 2017

Vintage kitchen items are one of a kind décor. This explains your frequent visits to the antique shops, the flea markets, and the occasional garage sales. Resisting these treasures is impossible. Hence they can easily get the best of your new kitchen. Here are a few creative ways of organising your vintage finds to avoid clutter and displaying them for everyone to see.

Work your kitchen walls

  Working your kitchen walls is a great way of creating an instant work of vintage work and at the time making sure your collectibles stay organised. Use hooks to display larger items such as pots, colanders, and pans. Consider vintage wall hooks for adding extra character to your walls.

Use open shelving

Other than being a convenient and a budget- friendly solution for a new kitchen renovation through a place like Bowtie Joinery, open shelves display the appeal of vintage kitchen collectibles. You can also use glass front cabinets to showcase your collectibles while at the same time tacking them away from reach.

Install extra shelving

If you have a large collection, you will need additional shelving for organising and display your vintage collections. You can bring in a freestanding cabinet or think of hanging shelves on the wall. Consider suspended wire baskets or risers to display smaller collectibles.

Think up, up above the cabinets!

Lots of kitchens have it – the awkward space between the ceiling and the kitchen cabinets. It's the forgotten space where your cat hides and sometimes where dust calls home. What you don't know is that this is the perfect spot to incorporate a little art in your kitchen by storing vintage collectibles that you don't use often.

Have you thought of your pantry?

Make your collectibles functional by using them as storage containers. Go ahead and store dry edibles in your vintage jars and containers. You can also use large containers to store towels and napkins. Make your collectibles more functional by keeping vintage utensils corralled in large coordinating containers.

Re-purpose your collectibles

Re-purposing your vintage finds into usable kitchen items is a great way of adding decorative value in your kitchen without sacrificing functional space. For example, you can use vintage tea tins as charming little herb pots or turn an antique mixing bowl into a pendant lamp over the kitchen dining area. Also, don't forget the hinders of ways you can transform the simple mason jars.

Size down your display

Vintage Collectibles are a great way of turning your new kitchen into a work of art. However, it's always important to thin out your finds to keep them from pushing and shoving each other from your shelves. Consider separating your collectibles and displaying only a few items. You can rotate your finds by season to make sure you fully enjoy your vintage collection!