How to Design a Kitchen Your Guests Will Love

Posted on: 24 October 2017

People don't just cook in the kitchen anymore; this is where people socialize, coming together to cook, eat, and drink. Whether you're throwing a World Cup party or have family in town, you want your guests to feel comfortable in your kitchen.

A kitchen remodel is a dream for many homeowners, so if it's finally time to do yours, follow some of these tips for a kitchen guests will love.

Focus on Space

On holidays, you are going to have a lot of people in your kitchen. Make sure that there is plenty of counter space, so people have plenty of space. If you are planning on entertaining frequently, it is worth investing in two sinks, a kitchen island and a larger dishwasher. You could also consider buying barstools so one of your counters can double as an eating area.


Accessibility is important if you're planning on hosting frequent guests or if you have an aging family member in your home. If someone in a wheelchair or with a walker needs to get around, give them enough room to do so. You'll also want to make sure the cabinets are easy to reach, and heavy items are on the counter or lower shelves.

Keep It Bright

You want your kitchen to be a warm, welcoming space. Install large windows that allow plenty of natural light in and choose a colour scheme to highlight this brightness. Skylights are another great way to let in natural light. For night time, it's worth the effort and money to choose lighting fixtures that add style to your kitchen.

Modern Conveniences

A kitchen remodel can end up costing a pretty penny, which means you may have to make hard choices about your budget. How do you approach a kitchen renovation while sticking to your budget? If you're trying to please your guests, choose convenience over style. While that lapis lazuli backsplash may be unique (and pricey), your guests are more likely to appreciate your new margarita machine or retractable sink hose.

Easy Cleaning

This one is mostly for you. If you get stuck with a massive cleaning job every time you have guests over, pretty soon you'll stop sending out invites. Install a high-efficiency dishwasher and easy-to-clean granite countertops to make your life easier.

Designing a new kitchen is an exciting thing. Be sure to consider these tips to make your kitchen a favourite hangout spot for your friends, family, and kids. Contact kitchen designers for additional advice.