Contemporary Renovations to Update Your Kitchen

Posted on: 8 January 2018

Planning a kitchen renovation does not merely have to be about fixing what is no longer functional. With careful planning, your remodel can present an opportunity to increase the appeal of this room while also modernising it. Not only would this make your kitchen more pleasant to be in, but you also get the chance to boost the market value of your home while also enhancing the functionality of the room. The key to a successful contemporary remodel is keeping in mind that modern day kitchens are characterised by sleek and clean lines. Therefore, in addition to eliminating the clutter, the following are some of the contemporary renovations you could embark on to update your kitchen for the new year.

Install quartz benchtops

Benchtops are a vital aspect of the kitchen for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they take up a considerable amount of space in the room, so they contribute largely to the visual interest in the space. Secondly, your benchtops are exposed to the most use as not only do you display day-to-day appliances here but you also expose them to daily prep work when cooking. However, installing attractive benchtops does not have to break the bank.

Quartz is one of the few materials that can boost the attractiveness of your space while also offering you high functionality. Not to mention that quartz in a durable material that requires minimal maintenance to stay pristine. A pro tip would be to scout for quartz benchtops to match the colour scheme you are looking to achieve in your kitchen so that they do not detract from the overall look.

Opt for an open kitchen plan

One of the significant trends in modern kitchen design is open plan layouts. However, opting for an open plan is not solely for aesthetic appeal. By eliminating the walls in your kitchen, you increase the illumination. Thus, you do not have to be heavily reliant on artificial lighting whenever you are in the kitchen. The second benefit of open plan kitchens is that they make hosting guests easier. Without barriers between the living space and the kitchen, you will provide a cohesive experience whenever you are entertaining at your home.

Since people naturally gravitate toward the kitchen, you will not have to worry about your guests always being split into two different groups. A pro tip to making the most of an open kitchen plan would be to raise your ceiling. Your high ceiling can easily be achieved by asking your contractors to put your kitchen at a lower level, subsequently making it look large.