3 Ways To Add Warmth And Character To A Modern Minimalist Bathroom

Posted on: 23 August 2018

In recent years, the big trend in bathroom design has been sleek, pared-back minimalism. While this look may be a big hit with designers and fashion-conscious homeowners, it can often feel cold, sterile and a little bleak for many people. Fortunately, you can still embrace a modern look and also add some charm and character to your new bathroom. Here are three simple ideas for creating a contemporary yet welcoming feel when you're remodelling your bathroom.

1. Striking tapware

The tapware in a bathroom is one of the minor features but it can make a big difference to the overall feel of the room. Instead of sleek, edgy tapware, you can opt for tapware that has a more rustic and traditional look to make a feature out of your vanity area.

Tapware that features a metallic finish is a great choice. The current trends are rose gold and brass, but copper is also an attractive and visually interesting choice. Many tapware manufacturers also make reproductions of antique tapware that makes a nice contrast to the modern look of the rest of the bathroom.

2. Timber elements

Timber is best known for the warmth and the subtle, natural colour that it brings to a room. This makes it an excellent material to use if you'd like to inject some softness and life into a room that is otherwise very neutral. Timber is also great because it works with any colour and any style of decor.

Timber flooring is a fantastic way to introduce timber to the room. You can opt for solid timber flooring or go for a more budget-friendly timber laminate to get the look for less. Another way to bring the warmth of wood into your bathroom is to use it as the material for your vanity unit. Again, you can opt for solid timber or one of the many high-quality laminate options available these days.

3. Feature tiles

Another simple yet effective way to add some vibrancy and uniqueness to your modern bathroom is to use decorative tiles to create a feature. This may be a small feature, like the vanity splashback, or a larger one, like the shower recess or an entire wall. Decorative tiles help to break the large expanses of neutral tones and some colour and pattern.

There are many different types of decorative tiles available on the market that you choose from. Tiles that echo traditional Moroccan style or French provincial style add subtle and elegant flair. For a brighter and more exuberant look, high-gloss glazed tiles in bright colours will look amazing.