Bringing Timber into Your New Kitchen Design

Posted on: 28 May 2019

Timber has been a kitchen design staple for some time now. You can introduce this natural material into your layout in various ways.

Combining With White

One way to introduce timber into your kitchen is to combine it with white. These two things complement each other perfectly because while white is fresh and crisp, when it is used for an entire room, it can give a cold feel. Timber's main strength, though, is the warmth and texture it brings to an environment. So blending the two makes perfect sense. When combining wood with shades of white, you can add interest and texture by mixing different timbers, such as a pale timber bench paired with parquetry flooring. By maintaining white cabinetry and walls, you can combine different timber grains and tones and keep a unified look. Adding a touch of black to a white and timber kitchen also complements both and provides contrast. However it's mixed, wood brings warmth into your kitchen, making a comfortable place for a morning cup of coffee or tea.

Blending With Other Materials

Timber is a chameleon-like material that changes appearance depending on what is around it, which makes it fit with different kitchen styles. Combining parquetry flooring with white subway tiles, for instance, can create a rustic feel. Alternatively, an elegant wooden bench or stools fit in perfectly with the contoured cabinetry and pendant lighting of a traditional kitchen. For a total industrial look, the textured graininess of wood complements cool, smooth concrete and clean, matte black metalwork. Timber also combines well with the clean lines of laminate cabinetry to make a modern-style kitchen. 

Timber As Floorboards

A very traditional way to bring timber into a kitchen is in the form of floorboards. The extended parallel lines of long planks that run the length of the kitchen can give a spacious, clean look, with all lines running in the one direction. Tiles, on the other hand, create horizontal and vertical crisscross grouting lines for a busier effect, even if the tiles are large and relatively seamless. With floorboards, try using pale timber to further emphasise a spacious feeling.

So if you're renovating and are planning a new kitchen design, take the opportunity to add some wood. It will bring warmth, texture and interest to the room, and because it is such a versatile material, you can mix and match different timbers and other materials to get the perfect look for your kitchen.

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